D Ward

Dwayaa Ward
My name is Dwayaa Ward, and I am your 2024 - 2025 PES School Counselor.  This my third year at Porterdale, my 12th year in education and my sixth year as a School Counselor.  I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and have been thoroughly enjoying southern living. I’m a highly dedicated mental health professional with a strong desire to help young people with their mental, physical, emotional, and social needs. It is an honor and my pleasure to serve as you School Counselor this year.
The school counseling program at PES is based on the American School Counseling Association Model and the Newton County School District’s standards. The program includes a variety of services for ALL students, through regular classroom lessons, small groups, and individual meetings with students. Providing important social and emotional support, encouraging a positive and nurturing environment, improving our school climate, and uplifting all students to be the best RAM they can be are all important goals for the program. Should you have any questions regarding the counseling program, please contact me at 770.784.2928 or [email protected] .


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